1 Thing You Didn’t Know A Banana Could Do

Stylish Eve shared on Google+ a slice of creativity that was simply bananas! Literally haha. Never in my life have I ever seen sculptures from ripe bananas. And they are such vivid replicas of…an octopus man, a toxic waste transformed mutant, a dragon, a yelling man, a creepy car salesman, and Elvis? Lol. I can only imagine the precision it must have took to carve out so flawlessly these miniature figures from the soft flesh of a ripe banana. I will definitely have to say that is pretty crafty!

It sure does lead me to wonder what else is carve-able that I never thought of before. Maybe there is someone out there into grape carving! You never know. And it also makes me wonder what applications you would use such elaborately decorated bananas for? Stylish Eve didn’t leave any descriptions with the image but I am sure it must have been for something awesome! I could see a really interesting miniature city made from all ripe bananas. That's possible right? Haha. Why you would need one is beside the point. I am sure it would fit into somebody's design scheme out there! The beauty with creativity is that purpose in design isn’t a necessity as creativity is fluid, and inspires unpredictably. After all, Stylish Eve’s post of such a crafty display of creativity moved me to respond with this
post ;). Mission accomplished creativity!

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