DIY Picture Frame Wipe Board

DIY Picture Frame Wipe Board

Picture Frame Wipe Board

This is a great idea that transcends teacher appreciation. I’m sure educators are not the only ones who would appreciate a nifty desk ornament like a personal dry erase/wipe board so easily at their disposal. And what makes this project even more’s cheap! The most costly item is the frame, but that is where the beauty lies in this project, the ability to dramatically change the look just by the choice in frame. Of course if you want to jazz it up customize with trinkets, preferably inexpensive. This project has dollar store written all over it and not in a bad way haha.
Materials needed:
8x11 Frame
Notebook Paper – wide ruled
Colored construction paper (optional)
Decorations of your preference (optional)
Dry erase markers
How to Make:
1 Simply remove the backing of the picture frame
2 Insert construction paper (optional) and Notebook paper. Depending on the frame, you may need to cut the paper down to size. If no construction paper is used, use 2-3 sheets of notebook paper.
3 Reassemble picture frame
4 Decorate as desired

This is a relatively simple project but the impact can be great.




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