Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Root Vegetables

Do you like root vegetables? Are you into potatoes, or yams? Well if you are then you should know that buying root vegetables from your local grocery store can get pretty pricey. But you don’t have to break the bank to to enjoy the earthy goodness of root vegetables.

My first suggestion would be to stop buying root vegetables or any vegetables for that matter from the grocery store. They are usually over-priced and only the Lord knows what’s REALLY in them anyway. Keyword: Monsanto haha! I recommend getting produce from your local farmers market. Your dollar can go a lot farther there with deals like 3 baskets for $5 and, usually, depending on where you are, the fruits and vegetables are homegrown. Only the Lord knows what is really in veggies from these places as well but it puts my conscious at ease!

In addition to the farmer's market, try growing a little garden yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Gardens are projects that anyone can take on and really customize for the the functionality that suits individualized needs. Root vegetables are one of those magical plants that you can buy once from the store and done! This goes for all root veggies. Simply cut off the ends and plant them in dirt. Its that simple. In about 3 months you will yield around 6-8 root veggies from one cutting! Is that not awesome?? That’s what I did. I planted Japanese Sweet Potatoes. Those are sooooooo good! Remember it doesn’t matter which root vegetable you fancy, cutting off the tops and replanting will work for any variety.

Just make sure you select a good site to plant your root vegetables. They usually will crawl and vine around everything, easily overtaking an area. I initially planted my sweet potatoes in my raised bed garden and it was shocking just how fast that sucker took over. I did end up with some casualties as the vines quickly monopolized on the soil and the sun!

If space is an issue you can alternatively plant your potatoes in 5-gallon buckets. This will be my next initiative since the raised-bed garden was no match for my potatoes! Let me know how your experience is with growing your own root vegetables.




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