How to Spruce up Your Wine Glasses

decorative wine glass, paint wine glass, crafts

Wine glasses are not just for drinking wine dahling. You can decorate them, to accent your decor, or simply decorate them for a fun project. Super simple and relatively inexpensive. Plus if you like to make stuff, you might have most of the materials on hand.

All you will need to pull this off is:

A wine glass of any size
An assortment of acrylic paints
An assortment of paint brushes and/or sponges
Your imagination

That is literally all you need. If you have a Dollar Tree in your area, you can stock up on some wine glasses for cheap. Heck Old Time Pottery has a range of wine glasses that's pretty affordable. Haven’t priced that tho, just going based off of memory. Goodwill or any thrift store is another way to get affordable wine glasses to complete this project if you don’t already have wine glasses on hand that you would like to decorate.

This project was inspired by a wonderful church event. It never crossed my mind to do this, and it was a really fun experience!