Network Marketing: The ultimate low-cost business startup

If you are considering taking the leap into business ownership, don't ever let anyone discourage you from being your own boss. It takes guts to make the decision to become a business owner. I don't care what type of business you're in, it is commendable to transform the desire to maintain your lifestyle by your own means into action that results in you being your own boss. However, there are tremendous expenses involved when it comes to business ownership, and I'm not talking about just cash. Time, energy, and relationships can be exhausted in the quest to business ownership. That's just the reality; believe me I am not trying to turn you off of the notion of being your own boss. But you might as well be prepared if you decide to take the leap! Don't say i didn't tell you. But the dream of business ownership is technically reachable and attainable to anyone who wants it.

When people think of business ownership, a brick and mortar operation usually comes to mind. However a business can come in literally many different “shapes and sizes” and is only limited to one's imagination. For instance, there are many different types of Home-based Franchise opportunities that do not require a storefront. Businesses of this concept are flexible but will require some initial investment, usually in the thousands. Still, the most notable way to obtain funding for a business venture is to seek out a business loan. Gaining the help of Angel investors is one creative way to raise money for a really great idea and see it into fruition without having to navigate the requirements from banks or lenders.  Although angel investing can come with its own set of cons, getting people behind you to invest in your vision is a testament to, not only creativity, but leadership as well. It takes the ability to cast your vision when seeking that kind of support. Being able to cast vision on that scale definitely takes finesse, but it's not implausible.  In some ways, your level of guts will determines your knack for leadership. It can be uncomfortable putting yourself out there and people generally don’t like to be uncomfortable. But if you have the guts to power through and overcome it; that fear of uncomfortable, continue to learn and improve, how good would it feel? Awesome right!? Breaking away from the security of working for others definitely isn't easy, but it sure can be worth it!  Whatever the business, some type of start up capital is always involved and usually runs into the thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, the average person, just to put it bluntly, does not have time for that! There are a variety of reasons why a person does not take the plunge into business ownership. I mean, between work, school, children, and other responsibilities plus financial restrictions, I can understand why there are reservations about breaking away from the typical workforce. Some people don’t have the drive, or don’t think business ownership is a possibility for them. A common reason why a person may decide against having their own business is startup costs. Traditional ways of starting a business, sad to say, can be discouraging and make the thought of business ownership seem like an unattainable feat. But if you feel it deep that you are different from the norm and resistant to the thought of continuously toiling away for the “man”, then you will get creative in finding that path to business ownership. It’s really amazing to see the creative ways that people have found to break away from the basic lifestyle and live in their creativity. When you live your creative lifestyle,  you are living a life where you are able to do what brings you fulfillment and joy. And the people that are able to do that usually have  a habit of bringing people with them. That is where network marketing truly makes for the most creative way to own your own business.

So what is network marketing exactly?. It’s essentially a flexible way for the average person to own a business. The history of network marketing dates back to the late 1800s. You see, network marketing is a clever concept where a company is comprised of individual sale representatives. As a sales representative, you can build your own business on what that company has to offer.  Back in the days, the direct sales industry had its humble beginnings in the form of traveling salesmen. Eventually some of these early entrepreneurs created sales organizations staffed with trained sales representatives. These influences formed some of the most reputable businesses known today, like Heinz for example. Henry Heinz, who was reportedly a former peddler, had the ingenious idea to serve a target audience of people that didn't grow their own vegetables. He sold vegetables, ketchup, and pickles to his target audience and he did so with a 400-man strong sales force that he built!  And from this mindset came the next level of direct selling. Let the salespeople sell the products and give them the ability to build their own business with our products and services! These early entrepreneurs knew what they were doing. They realized if you give people the incentive to have their own business, it would only result in more sales for their company. Isn’t that just crafty, smh? You have to respect that!

To get started with any network marketing opportunity, usually a small initial investment is involved for the product and/or service. Depending on the opportunity,  there may be a monthly fee associated in reselling the same to friends and family. Network marketing is essentially based on a “word-of-mouth” foundation. Over a period of time, one can amass a successful business with this concept. Network marketing is by no means a get-rich-quick business, however, it is effort based. Meaning, you get out what you put in. If you are not working your business, then you can’t be surprised if you haven’t gained any success.

Network marketing is also an industry that really helps to develop your character. You need to dig deep and discover a lot of self-truths when it is you at the center of your business. I talked about being uncomfortable. You can imagine why people have an aversion to the uncomfortable in business ownership. We as a people avoid uncomfortable situations and as a result, true potential remains undiscovered . But that is where personal development comes in to teach individuals the tools necessary to be that central beacon in their own business.  Many network marketers have discovered that personal development is integral to their success in growing their business.  If you are the kind of person that plays with idea of working for yourself in your mind, consider network marketing as the vehicle to get you there. It is the ultimate low-cost way to build your own empire in addition to building a better version of you.