May 13, 2015

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take anything, turn into something, anything is crafty

When most people look around, they see their plane surroundings. But when I look around, I see the possibilities. I know how to take something and turn into something else, whether out of necessity or for the sake of invention. Thinking beyond conventional norms allows one to be perceptible to creative influences, thus inspiration can do its work of fueling creativity; a gift that keeps on giving. A gift that is lacking in today's world. We are starving ourselves of creativity. Sadly, with the vigors of everyday life, how often do we stifle our own creative potential? I want to encourage you to tap into what brings you fulfillment and joy so that you can enjoy living in your creativity. The beautiful thing about creativity; no student loans required. Creativity does not require anything else other than time to nurture it. You can literally look around and through your own individual filter create something that people might not only want to share or emulate, but it might also spurn inspiration! It doesn't matter what the niche, because anything really is crafty. I intend to give you your dose of inspiration so that you can fuel your creativity and maybe even inspire a little happiness in your life.

The Ups and Downs of Dehydrating Papaya in a Nuwave Oven

I’m sure many of you have seen the infomercials about the Nuwave Oven. Every time I saw the advertisements I always thought that it was a cool little invention but honestly, never thought I would own one. Then one day, my husband brought one home. Bought off of a co-worker who only used it once. I was excited to have it, but after owning it, I realized why it was only used once. Read More




When you go into your kitchen and open up the cabinet door, what do you see? Do you see a mess of varied-sized containers, cups on every shelf, discolored plastic bowls, lids without partners, or misshapen plastic plates? I am so ashamed to say that was the state of my

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1 Create Your Own Custom Storage Bin I won’t say it's quick and I won’t say it’s easy, but I will say it is definitely doable! Anyone can turn unwanted cardboard and fabric scraps into a customized decorative storage bin or box to suit your needs. What better way to

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Quinoa is a whole grain that, no surprise, is much better for you than rice. And of course, one small bag costs $5 and beyond for this nutrient rich wonder seed. Here is a recipe that can help you capitalize on your quinoa, by only cooking 1 cup of it

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The Moringa Tree is probably one of the quickest growing trees I have ever seen in my life. You plant it, and the next day you go outside it's practically doubled in size. But that is not the best thing about this tree of many names. I know it as

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Oh My Gosh I Want This!

Cool and innovative products that are sparking interest








I love to read and I am known for using a highlighter or a pen to hold my space in a book, or doing that triangle fold at the page corners. Haha, my books are definitely dog-eared with many creases. I’ve lost my place so many times because of the pen or highlighter falling out whenever the book was moved and also end up with a pregnant looking book thanks to the shenanigans of my highlighter. I’d get so annoyed ...Read more
The Grommet is a unique community of designers, inventors, artists, and manufacturers with cleverly designed products that are meant to satisfy everyday problems. These undiscovered makers along with their wares are nurtured by the Grommet team and are even provided the guidance to help their products succeed. ...Read more
Are you creative?
Do you bring a unique perspective to the world?
Do you want to learn how to get yourself out there??
I love to see the creativity in people.Read more
Sometimes creativity can be so astounding that it just has to be shared. The ability to be unconventional in the expression of ideas is a fascinating concept and people can usually appreciate the insight, even want to replicate. In fact, Adobe conducted a study in 2012 in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan to identify attitudes and beliefs surrounding creativity in the areas of business, education, and society. According to the study...Read More
Stylish Eve shared on Google+ a slice of creativity that was simply bananas! Literally haha. Never in my life have I ever seen sculptures from ripe bananas. And they are such vivid replicas of…an octopus man, a toxic waste transformed mutant, a dragon, a yelling man, a creepy car salesman, and Elvis? Lol. I can only imagine... Read more
Perhaps one of the easiest projects to pull off is to create your own vase. The old turn an empty glass juice bottle into a decorative vase design trick. Gets them every time. ...Read more