Save Your Page Forever With This Simple DIY

I love to read and I am known for using a highlighter or a pen to hold my space in a book, or doing that triangle fold at the page corners. Haha, my books are definitely dog-eared with many creases. I’ve lost my place so many times because of the pen or highlighter falling out whenever the book was moved and also end up with a pregnant looking book thanks to the shenanigans of my highlighter. I’d get so annoyed having to retrace my reading steps in order to get back on track, because of how I’ve treated my poor books I can’t trust where they naturally fall open as a guide due to my haphazard reading patterns. I could leave my highlighter in the book for days before moving on to the next chapter so who knows where I really left off reading in any one session. Can you tell I was really experiencing a problem with this lol! So when I saw this cute and nifty idea from Muhaiminah Faiz, I knew I had to make one. It was a simple way to solve a problem that I’d been having. I was just thinking about how I was going to have to make a book mark to myself earlier in the day, but I was thinking cereal box cardboard! Ok, I was not on Muhaiminah’s level haha. I love the simplistic functionality of this craft.

I didn’t have all the tools that Muhaiminah Faiz did, but I made do with a wire cutter and a pliers. The craft wire was easy enough to manipulate. I know if I had the right tools then I would be able to get some real detail, but I was like really, this is a bookmark. No need to go all out. I can go overboard if I let myself. So I stopped at two bookmarks with two different size wires. The original packaging is gone, so I don’t know the dimensions, but I am sure you can get the gist from the pictures. I must say though, that I found the thicker wire a lot easier to manipulate.

If you like to read and have problems with keeping track of where you’ve left off in a book like I have or if you have a lot of
misshapen books, try making this super easy bookmark. Get Muhaiminah Faiz’s full instructions here to make your own beautiful tulip bookmark.