Toddler Chair


Toddler Chairs

These cute chairs are a testament to what you can do with reclaimed wood. If you have old wood from a demolition or leftover from another project, consider making kid-sized furniture.

All the materials needed to make this example are:
• 5 in. Lag screws with a star drive head
• 8-1 1/2 corner braces
• drill bit and counter sink head
• tape measure
• a speed square
• a framing square
• liquid nails caulking glue and a caulking gun
• angle grinder with a flap or sanding disk
• table saw with angle cut capabilities
• sand paper and polyurethane
Get the full instructions on how to make these chairs from reclaimed wood here. But sometimes, you may not have all the ingredients that someone else used or maybe you might be a little impatient and want to just get started. By all means. Just keep in mind that a little bit of planning can help avoid catastrophes later on down the road. But the beauty of upcycling is that you use what you have on hand. So feel free to improvise if you see a project out there that you want to try, but may not necessarily have all the tools or materials.
Don’t be afraid to incorporate different textures. It’s your design, do what you like. These chairs are beautiful in their natural state, but one could go wild with such a blank canvas. Custom pillows would not only enhance these bad boys, but also add additional comfort. Don’t stop at chairs, picture frames, shelving, shadow boxes...need I go on?


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