Turn Empty Cereal Boxes into Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

cereal box magazine holder, kitchen cabinet organizer

When you go into your kitchen and open up the cabinet door, what do you see? Do you see a mess of varied-sized containers, cups on every shelf, discolored plastic bowls, lids without partners, or misshapen plastic plates? I am so ashamed to say that was the state of my cupboards. How did it all go so wrong in my kitchen cabinets? You know what, I am going to have to blame the kids on this one. My kids have become old enough to wash dishes and over time, clearing the dish rack seems to have turned into a systematic chucking of everything onto the cupboard shelves without any rhyme or reason,  as fast as they can so that they can hurry up and go back to playing.

It was when I began to unload the dish rack myself and opened up my cabinet door that I saw the disaster before me and knew that something had to be done. I couldn’t find space to fit anything.  I had no choice but to purge my kitchen cabinet of unwanted bowls, containers, and any other odds and ends that stayed past its prime. As soon as I took everything out, I was sorry that I had even started! I had amassed all these containers and even more lids that had no partners. Like where did all the containers go?? Seriously it was that bad. But I made it through the really boring and unsatisfying task of throwing away stained ugly plasticware and matching containers to their lids. The next step was to put it all back in the kitchen cabinet in some type of organized fashion.

I stacked like-sized plastic containers together and tried putting them in the kitchen cabinet on top of the lids. I tried laying the lids on the sides, but both methods just took up too much space! I have horribly shallow cabinets and the design is not user-friendly. The builders went cheap when they put those bad boys in. Frustrated with my lack of progress, what did I do? I hit up Pinterest for kitchen organization ideas. You gotta love Pinterest! I found an idea where someone used a magazine holder to organize the plastic container lids. Ingenious! It really is a simple and quick little project that makes a world of difference! I didn't have a magazine holder, but it was really easy to make my own.

Materials Needed

Empty Cereal box

Box cutter or Scissors



How to Make

1. Measure your kitchen cabinet to figure out how tall your magazine holder needs to be.

2. Take your Cereal box and measure 4 inches from the bottom of one of the side panels and make your mark with a marker along the width of that side panel. This will be the bottom opening of the magazine holder.

cereal box magazine holder
cereal box magazine holder

3. On the opposite side panel measure and make your mark that is consistent with the length of your cabinet. For instance my cabinet was about 7.5 inches in length, so I measured the length of the box and made my mark at 7.5inches  along  the width of that opposite side panel.

cereal box magazine holder

4. Turn the cereal box over and connect your measurements with a diagonal line on both the front and back, just like connect the dots! Now you are ready to begin making your cuts. 

cereal box magazine holder, kitchen cabinet organizer

5. Take your box cutter or scissors and (carefully, especially if using a box cutter) cut along the marked  lines.  

cereal box magazine holder, kitchen cabinet organizer

6. (optional) Cover the cereal box with stock paper, wrapping paper, or Duct tape to customize or simply use as is. I used as is, but you can easily see the possibilities are endless in customizing you magazine holder.

Did you like this project? Let me know if you gave it a try and how it came out for you. It definitely helped my kitchen cabinet out!