DIY Rustic Lamp Shade

Unexpected Decor

stick ball lampGo outside and simply look around. It is teaming with potential materials for you to use in creating decor for your home. See those dead branches on the tree you've been meaning to take care of but haven't gotten around to? If you don’t have any immediate access to twigs, like you live in a condo or something, go to the park. As friends or co-workers who have trees on their property for their twigs. Odd request I know but, it’s free. Shoot, you can go the store and buy a bundle of decorative sticks/twigs for $20+. Whaaat! I’ll take free.

Dead twigs can be transformed into a lampshade and used to create a unique stamp in your home decor. That's what mystergirl995 did. She turned old sticks into an impressive lamp shade.

This project has a great foundation for endless possibilities. Can you imagine spray painting the sticks in one or even multiple colors? Making multiple balls and creating a cascading chandelier! Ugh it’s almost sickening the things you can do haha. Go outside, and give it a try! Mystergirl995 tells you exactly how to do it.